Caldarium/Steam Bath

The caldarium is part of the classic Roman bathing ritual consisting of a room in which the floor, walls and benches all give off an even heat. Humidity is very high, reaching almost 100%. An environment that is easy on the circulation system, where fragrant essences stimulate the senses all delivering a positive effect on the respiratory system!

Construction (solid construction):

The cabins today are built of extruded polystyrene elements. For optimum temperature control, a particularly energy-efficient, hydronic heating system is integrated in the benches. There is a wide range of ceramic and natural stone surfaces to choose from. A steam generator provides necessary humidity.

Temperature and humidity:

Temperature: ca. 45-50°C
Humidity: ca. 100% rel. humidity


Aromatic steam baths (inspiring fragrances), salt steam baths (beneficial effects of salt), themed steam baths (designer, Turkish baths, floral steam baths, herbal baths, etc.)



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